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Basement Home Cinema

A Basement can be the ideal location for a dedicated home cinema or media room, due to the lack of ambient light and ability to control room acoustics to a greater degree. Whether it is a new construction property with a Basement, or Basement excavation, conversion or construction, we can design a system to suit the space. Unlike loft conversions or attic rooms, there is less likely to be a restriction with head height, making it easier to tier the seating levels, creating an uninterupted view with a clear line of sight from each of the seating positions.

Loft Home Theatre

A loft conversion or attic room can be a great space to transform in to a home cinema. Whilst the room itself can require more detail in the design, you can create fantastic results. Key elements to consider are the head height in the room, speaker positions, restrictions on the size of the projector screen, and also seating. Due to our extensive portfolio of products, we are able to design rooms in different ways to ensure we produce a system that exceeds your expectations whilst considering any room limitations. Some of award winning brands we regularly use include Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Artcoustic, M&K, Anthem, Trinnov, Lyngdorf, JVC, Sony, Fortress and Screen Research.

Garage Cinema Conversions

Due to the size of modern cars in comparison to the size of older garages, they are often a popular area of the home to convert in to a home cinema. Even where garages are large enough to park in, most people don’t actually use them for their intended purpose, but instead a dumping ground for unused equipment and storage, all of which could be located elsewhere, freeing up the room for a better use. It is also a significantly lower cost option than a typical extension or loft conversion, and in some cases as much as a third of the price of other home improvements. There are also less planning and building regulations for garage conversions, making them quicker, easier and less hassle when it comes to creating extra space.

No Extra Space?

If your property is limited in terms of creating additional internal or external space, such as London apartment, there are still options open to you in creating a home cinema and surround sound experience. Our Director systems are designed for exactly this type of scenario, where we can design a system to be discreet but still perform to a high level. We can also provide a control system to make automating and using the space easier with either the Control4 or Crestron Home platform, allowing you a single remote control to use the system, as opposed to multiple remotes and switches.

Garden Room Cinemas

If there is a lack of space within a property to accommodate a home cinema, a popular choice is to utilise an existing outbuilding or create a new building in the garden. We can incorperate acoustic treatment in to the design to ensure that external noise doesn’t affect your viewing experience, but also audio doesn’t escape from the room and upset your neighbours.

Unused Room

Perhaps you have an unused room in the house such a dining room that no longer gets used due to creating an open plan family / kitchen area, or your children have grown up and no longer use their playroom? Whatever the space, we are able to assist in re-designing and re-purposing it to provide a great family entertainment area for you to spend quality time in.

Modus Cinemas design and install dedicated home cinema and media rooms throughout London and the South East, including Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Herfordshire.

Executive Cinema System

A custom designed, fully immersive dedicated home cinema room brings you and your family closer to the action, bringing your movies to life.

Director Cinema System

We can transform your living room seamlessly by integrating high performance audio and hidden automated trapdoor screens.

Producer Cinema System

Sit back, relax and watch movies in Ultra High Definition on a large TV display cinema system

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