Starscape’s Infinity system
is a modular panel-based star ceiling.

Starry Night Sky

Star Pattern

Each panel is unique with its 100 stars laid out by hand. Starscape's panel assemblers compete to create the nicest combinations of clusters and constellations. This sort of star density is very rarely attempted in on-site installations - whether professional or DIY - and is one of the key features of the Infinity system.

Light Distribution

No electricity or heat in the panels, light is distributed from the light source to each panel by sheathed bundles of fibre or 'carrier tails' via our Hydra distributor. Up to 12 panels can be connected to a single light source.

Type of Light

A classic white twinkle is often the most common type of finish, but for a more sophisticated look, colour change, twinkle strobe and dimming are also available.


Speakers, lights, projectors and other shapes can cut out from the panels. All we need is a plan to work from. The cut-outs can be left empty so the speaker is visible, or covered with the panel fabric for a seamless look. Acoustically transparent fabric is also available.

Installation Examples

A popular way to display the panels is to create a bulkhead around the perimeter of the room. This creates a recessed ‘coffer’, which can act as an ideal location to mount the light source.

An alternative is to have the bulkhead constructed below the panels, allowing a flexible approach to installing LED tape around the perimeter.

You can also use the system to cover the majority of the ceiling, or just the centre section. Masking strips are available to cover the fixing framework if a central design is the desired option.

  • Pricing Example 1: 9 Sqm - £5,699.00 inc. VAT and Installation
  • Pricing Example 2: 16 Sqm - £9,999.00 inc. VAT and Installation
  • Pricing Example 3: 25 Sqm - £13,000.00 inc. VAT and Installation

Cinema Systems

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