We reinvent the way you experience film

creating IMMERSIVE cinema rooms

and captivating entertainment rooms for your home

The UK's leading specialist AV installation company

We reinvent the way you experience film

creating IMMERSIVE cinema rooms

Captivating cinema & entertainment rooms for your home

The UK's leading specialist AV installation company

What We Do

Modus Cinemas are specialists in delivering the ultimate immersive and cinematic experience in luxury and bespoke home cinema packages, allowing our clients to see, hear and feel movies the way the director intended.

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of fully immersive home cinemas throughout London and the South East. We are able to create bespoke solutions to suit almost any space, from concealed living room systems and media rooms, to fully dedicated home theatres. Whether you are looking for a simple 5.1 surround sound system to compliment a large TV, or a full Dolby ATMOS audio specification with hidden projector, a masking projector screen and full room control by Control4 or Crestron Home, our aim is to deliver the best possible experience to you for the budget available.

All of our systems can incorporate additional features such as, mood lighting, window treatments & shade control, acoustic treatments and fabric wall panelling. When initially looking at concepts for the room, we recommend splitting the budget in to 3 areas; the electronics, the seating, and the finish of the room. These costs can be equal, or vastly different depending on what your priorities are, but we will assist in advising you to make the process as painless as possible.

Executive Cinema System

A custom designed, fully immersive dedicated home cinema room brings you and your family closer to the action, bringing your movies to life.

Director Cinema System

We can transform your living room seamlessly by integrating high performance audio and hidden automated trapdoor screens.

Producer Cinema System

Sit back, relax and watch movies in Ultra High Definition on a large TV display cinema system

Virtual Golf

Take Control of Your Future… Whatever your role in golf, whether you’re involved in a business or a player of the game, the success you have achieved has cost you a number of hours in refining your skills and building your golfing knowledge.

Work towards achieving your goals and carve out an edge, by finding a new source of inspiration with Trackman and Modus Cinemas to create a unique virtual golf simulator for your home.


TrackMan is the tool that can take you there and assist you on your future golf journey. TrackMan’s ground-breaking technology gives you accurate, reliable data that helps you understand the golf swing and identify the key areas that need further fine tuning.

Modus Cinemas install virtual golf simulators across London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

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Our Projects

At Modus Cinemas, we take pride in offering a first-class design and installation custom-made service delivering bespoke home theatres for an extensive clientele. Not only do we offer solutions for private customers, we also work alongside commercial clients, architects, property developers, interior designers and M&E consultants, to provide quality Audio Visual home cinema & media room designs, installations and experiences.

We have been designing, delivering and supporting clients for almost two decades, providing a wide range of home cinema installations with a high quality of service and wide product selection. Predominantly covering London and the South East, but also travelling further afield for select clientele and projects.

Although every client, project and budget is different, we are able to provide 3 main system types to help you focus on making the right decision; a TV based cinema system, a mixed use or media room with a TV and projection system, or a fully dedicated home cinema room.

Every new enquiry is approached by identifying the core needs and requirements prior to our team developing a design. Where appropriate, we are also able to develop and provide realistic, high resolution renders with virtual reality capabilities to allow clients to step in to a room and really understand the space. Simple changes can then be made to tailor the room with minimal fuss to ensure expectations are managed accordingly, for example changing the colour of the cinema seating, the lighting design, or the design of the fabric track wall system.

Please have a look at some select projects from our portfolio which includes system installations located across London, Surrey, Kent, Essex and Sussex.

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  • Executive Cinema System
  • Executive Cinema System
  • Executive Cinema System