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Illumination and ambient control of the cinema room lighting is a key consideration at the design stage for achieving a succesful cinematic experience. Done well, shades may be fitted to block out external sunlight, whilst the lighting itself will be layered with multiple circuits. Discrete coffered lighting, spot-lights, cove lighting, ceiling light, 5amp lamps and diffused LED strips will be installed and then automated via a lighting control system to best highlight primary design cues within the space and adjust lighting levels of lighting for your home cinema. Poorly implemented home cinema lighting can become a major distraction, so we encourage the control of ambient light with blinds or curtains, whilst focusing light fittings away from both the screen and audience too. Further advice will be provided as part of the consultation and design process.

If your cinema or media room forms part of a whole house renovation or scheme, we can expand the lighting and shading systems to include other areas of the property. Please have a look at the Modus Vivendi website for further details.

If your cinema or media room forms part of a whole house renovation or scheme, we can expand the lighting and shading systems to include other areas of the property. Please have a look at the Modus Vivendi website for further details.

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Lighting Control

With the addition of home cinema lighting control, these systems facilitate quick and easy access to pre-set lighting scenes with fully automated control over all circuits within the room. Cinema room lighting may then be controlled either from the on-wall keypads or via an app (subject to Wi-Fi).

Our initial starting point for lighting control within a cinema room would be to provide a solution that includes a single lighting control keypad and 3 circuits or groups of controlled lighting, for example;

  • Group 1: Perimeter Downlights
  • Group 2: Wall Lights
  • Group 3: LED Coffer Lighting

This solution will also allow for control of the lighting via a mobile app, from which lighting scenes can also be adjusted, so it is easy for you to make changes without the need for our assistance. In addition, if an overall (compatible) room control system is present, our lighting control will also integrate to allow activities to be programmed, such as when a movie is played, the lights automatically dim to a desired level, and when the movie is paused, the lighting levels increase.

From £1,499.99 inc. VAT and Installation

Light Fitting Packages

In addition to the control element of lighting, we are able to provide various different types of home theatre light fittings and finishes to compliment the room. Our starting package allows for 10 led downlighters, 4 wall lights and 10m of LED tape with warm or cool white lamps. Colour changing lamps or LED tape can be allowed for at an additional cost.

From £3,100.00 inc. VAT and Installation

Lighting Design

A lighting design scheme will transform any space, adding warmth and atmosphere by carefully introducing colour and layering lighting circuits onto the lighting control system, illuminating and accentuating key features to create a more inviting room. Using fittings with a narrow beam for example can create a warm glow over a feature to produce an intimate feeling in the room.

To ensure the lighting is maximised, we can also provide a lighting design service, considering various light fittings, light sources, techniques, and formulate a conceptual lighting strategy for the room. In addition, we can provide a luminaire schedule and prepare a visual lighting summary to ensure the room can meet its full potential.

From £999.00 inc. VAT

Shade Control

Shade Control is also an area to consider, particularly if a system is being installed into a mixed-use space, such as family room or living room, where windows and bi-fold doors may be present, a common occurrence for our Producer and Director systems. We are able to provide solutions for automated blinds and curtains to suite almost any requirement, with a wide variety of fabrics and styles available.

From £1,300.00 Inc. VAT and Installation (per opening)


Cinema System

Executive Cinema System

A custom designed, fully immersive dedicated home cinema room brings you and your family closer to the action, bringing your movies to life.

Director Cinema System

We can transform your living room seamlessly by integrating high performance audio and hidden automated trapdoor screens.

Producer Cinema System

Sit back, relax and watch movies in Ultra High Definition on a large TV display cinema system

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