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Take Control of Your Future… Whatever your role in golf, whether you’re involved in a business or a player of the game, the success you have achieved has cost you a number of hours refining your skills and building your golfing knowledge. Your determination and pursuit of perfection reflects the passion all dedicated golfers feel for the game… and you are still always working towards lowering your scores and improving your overall game. Work towards achieving your goals and carve out an edge, find a new source of inspiration with Trackman.

TrackMan is the tool that can take you there and assist you on your future golf journey. TrackMan’s ground-breaking technology gives you accurate, reliable data that helps you understand the golf swing and identify the key areas that need further fine tuning. It supplies you with personal key statistics, that takes you a step closer to achieving your ambitions. TrackMan lets you take control of your future – and unleash your golfing potential!

Trusted by the best players in the world

Accuracy is a vital part of any sport, especially in the game of golf. There isn’t another company in the world that the pro’s would rather turn to get the most precise swing statistics when they need them. TrackMan dominates the world of pro golf analysis… and with good reason. Players recognise TrackMan’s display of reliable innovation and have made them the undisputed leader in club and ball tracking. The unit is designed to withstand the vigorous practise of the pro circuit and provide the players with trustworthy, accurate data they can reply on.

Over 1,000 tour players, the vast majority of the many major competition winners, all large equipment manufacturers, thousands of club fitters and coaches rely on TrackMan technology. 

Welcome to the great indoors

TrackMan have just released their most re-defining update for simulator golf solutions, called Virtual Golf 2. It provides an experience like no other and captures a true sense of golf in any indoor environment. No matter how the simulator is used. Every hole you play, every friendly tournament you have with your friends and every training session… it’s all faithful to the true feeling of the game. Play the most famous courses in the world in stunning detail. The unbelievably smooth gameplay along with the pin point accuracy of the club and ball data, truly makes the Virtual Golf 2 by TrackMan the apex of simulator golf. If you think you know what simulator golf can do, think again.

Pinpoint Accuracy - Inside and out

The TrackMan 4 applies its power to simulator golf with devastating effect. With the benefits of camera tracking and radar, the TrackMan 4 performs with jaw-dropping precision in any indoor or outdoor environment. The unit measures club path, launch angle and ball flight data before consulting a database of over 500,000 million shots – and counting – to render the ball flight of your shot with the same accuracy as if it was in an outdoor environment. It’s an outstanding achievement that convincingly busts the industry myths surrounding the possibilities of indoor golf technology.

Your game, your way

TrackMan enables you to have fun tournaments with your friends along with the use of number crunching statistics, TrackMan lets your practise and compete in any way you prefer…

TrackMan indoor golf software gives you rewarding, enjoyable training opportunities – regardless of the time of day or the current weather conditions. TrackMan includes several fantastic features using its enhanced studio performance software including on course and target range practise. These two additional features have been specifically made for virtual golf and perfectly complement the Shot Analysis feature, which analyses your swing with a wide variety of essential data metrics. After the completion of your shot analysis, you can then utilise what you have learnt on the target practise range.

The target range practise feature was designed to let you replicate practically any shot situation on the virtual golf range. Taking your swing out onto the course is done with ease using the On-Course practise feature. This enables you to place the ball anywhere on a given hole and practise a shot from a specific distance or location.
After receiving essential swing data along with real-time actionable data after every shot, you could say it’s better than the real thing! Practising like this is rather more difficult out on a real golf course.

A global golf experience

Virtual Golf 2 redefines what it feels like to play golf in a simulator environment. It lets you play some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses, including Muirfield Village, Royal Portrush, Innisbrook, PGA National and the four legendary St. Andrews Links courses. Rather than using standard satellite methods for course mapping, Trackman utilises LiDAR drone technology so that every green slope, bunker edge, every mow line, is all captured and reproduced with stunning – and unique – accuracy. To make the play even more realistic, the Handicap indexes, distances and slope ratings are all included. The course library is constantly being expanded so any will have even more stunning golf courses at the touch of their fingertips.

Simulator Solutions for every need

The TrackMan golf simulator can cater to multiple golfing desires. We offer everything from simulator installations to flexible solutions. We ensure that every detail is covered, and all your requirements are met.

Whether you require a simulator for your commercial facility, teaching bay, private dwelling, or another kind of personal project, we are able to design a solution to meet your requirements.

Our fully designed and installed home golf simulator rooms start from £48,000.00 inc. VAT

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