Home Cinema Installation: South London

South London: Luxury Home Cinema

Modus Cinemas specialise in the design, supply and installation of luxury home cinema systems in South London. Our bespoke home cinema solutions harness the full potential of your space to create a stunning home cinema experience, from concealed living room systems to fully dedicated theatres.

We partner with the most prestigious audiovisual equipment providers to deliver unparalleled sound and image quality. Our South Greater London home cinema systems can incorporate features such as mood lighting, window treatments & shade control, acoustic treatments, and fabric wall panelling to fully insulate and isolate your home cinema room, completely immersing you in the experience.

We regularly carry out home cinema installations in many South London boroughs, including Bromley, Orpington, Kingston upon Thames, Chislehurst, and Croydon. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how our luxury home cinema can help transform your South London home.

South London: Executive Home Cinemas

Our fully immersive dedicated home cinemas in South London bring the complete cinema experience home, without the ad breaks. Utilising the latest audiovisual technology, our home cinemas bring movies and TV shows to life. With rich audio, a crisp, vibrant image and tiered seating, we can transform virtually any space into a moviegoer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a basement home cinema, garage home cinema or loft home cinema conversion, we are able to provide turnkey solutions to suit your precise requirements.

South London: Director Home Cinemas

For home theatre enthusiasts with less space or more demure tastes, our lifestyle and flex cinema solutions are an ideal choice. Our home cinema design team can seamlessly integrate a home cinema system into your living room, using covert high performance audio systems and hidden, automated trapdoor screens to adapt your space at the click of a button. Our home cinema experts can produce lifelike, high resolution renders and a Virtual Reality walk through of your new space ahead of time, allowing you to make informed decisions about the look and feel of your room.

South London: Producer Home Cinemas

Experience movies as they were meant to be seen with our Ultra High Definition TV displays and front projection cinema systems. Watch a film, TV show or football match in crystal clarity without needing to close curtains or blinds. And hear new details in your favourite music through our superb discreet sound systems. Our South London home cinemas enhance every experience, bringing movies and music to life.

Optional Extras

Cinema Seating
Lighting & Shade Control
Movie Players & Servers
Fabric Panelling
Motorised Mechanisms
Starry Night Sky
Movie Players & Servers
Room Control
Room Acoustics