• Executive Cinema System

Our client: We were introduced and recommended to the client via a contractor who was already appointed on the project. The client was in the process of building their dream home on a secluded plot of land, and whilst they had many top end requirements, they wanted to invest their money wisely in the cinema room, and ensure they were delivered with the right experience at a level they were comfortable with.

The brief: The client had initially nominated another company to design and carryout the cinema room, but had unfortunately lost confidence in them and their capabilities, and subsequently required an alternative contractor to deliver the original concept and vision in a timely fashion.

The solution: Due to the size of the room and performance the client was looking for from the cinema system, our first challenge was amending some of the previous design work to provide a viable solution.

To enable the projector to be positioned at the perfect height for the size of the projector screen, aspect ratio and distance, we installed the projector onto a motorised lift mechanism, which can retract back into the ceiling when it is not in use.

The room was designed to accommodate 3 tiers of seating to make use of the height and size of the room, which really gives the space an impressive feel. The client loved the Cineca Modena seating, and chose to have them upholstered in a dark grey buedes fabric, and used over 2 of the tiers, with the final tier of seating making up part of a bar area.

The system is entirely controlled by the Crestron Home platform, via the TSR310 touch screen remote, allowing the client to control lighting, video, audio, heating and air conditioning of this room with ease. Upon entry to the room, we also installed a Crestron lighting keypad, providing the client with not only the ability to select a lighting scene, but also the capability of turning the system on, so by the time they are seated comfortably, everything is ready to go!

Due to the room forming part of an all-encompassing whole house control and integration system, the Crestron remote also has access to the rest of the house, letting the client see who is at the front gate, or the ability to control other services in different rooms if required. 

Technical specification:

Specification: 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound

Projector: JVC

Projector screen: Screen Research 170” 235:1 ultra-wide screen

Control system: Crestron Home

Room control: Crestron TSR310 touch screen remote, mobile app and Crestron lighting keypad

Speakers: Artcoustic

Amplification & processing: Denon

Seating: Cineca Modena with single motor

Lighting control: Crestron Home

HVAC: Air conditioning integration

Video sources: Sky Q Ultra HD and 4K Apple TV