• Executive Cinema System

Due to being an existing client, we had already built a good relationship, therefore it was an easy choice when the family decided they wanted to renovate their attic space and include a cinema room. The client came to us with a vision, which we helped develop to work with the space available;

  • A high performing Dolby Atmos dedicated cinema room
  • The ability to switch between wide screen (16:9) and ultra-widescreen (235:1) aspect ratios
  • A reduction in noise transmission to the bedrooms below
  • 2 rows of seating, with daybeds in the front row, and a raised tier for the rear row of seating
  • A bar to the rear of the room
  • Subtle but effective lighting with different mood settings
  • Storage space

Following some initial demonstrations of different cinema systems and rooms, a clear specification was developed based on what the client experienced. The next stage was to produce an interior design scheme that echoed the look and feel of the clients vision… Our interior design partners were introduced, and produced a scheme for the new cinema room, guest bedroom, en-suite bathroom and utility space. Once the scheme was finalised and agreed, it was passed to our building contractor to start work, which included our engineers relocating existing security and networking equipment that would eventually be positioned in the new bar.

Due to the limitations of the space available, all measurements and calculations were critical to allow for the largest projector screen size possible, additional build up of acoustic matting, raised rear seating, and space available for the bar area. Drawings were produced in CAD to ensure everything was planned out accordingly, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted line of sight from the rear row of seating, as well as adequate space to enter the room, and access the bar area easily. To ensure the equipment was installed as sympathetically as possible, the projector was housed in the rear bar at high level, along with the surround back speakers, with the apertures for the speakers covered black fabric using our tracking system. The AV rack was also incorporated in to the design of the bar, and by using a rack that was able to be pulled out, meant that servicing the system in the future was also possible without huge disruption.
Locating the surround side speakers also proved challenging, as 3D wallpaper was being used on the side walls. Fortunately, the design of the wall paper allowed us to position the speakers in such a way that they didn’t draw attention, and worked with the design rather than against it.
The family are now able to experience their favourite films, TV shows and sporting events in a revolutionary way to what they had previously, and have found they are using the room far more than they ever anticipated.